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How should you choose wall painting colours for your home?

Renovation of the house is still incomplete until you get the walls painted fresh. The new furniture and the decor will only look put together when you have a friendly colour theme in the house. Painting the walls enhances the overall appearance and creates a new vibe. 

While this sounds easy, it can be daunting to pick the right colours. There are endless options to choose from, and it is customary to go off-track and feel overwhelmed. However, we are here to help so you can sit back and opt for some incredible colour options with an open mind.  

You do not have to go for traditional colour schemes, and you can do whatever you wish with the space. Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind before finalizing the colours. 

Know the basics of wall painting colors.

While there are thousands of wall paint colours in the store, only seven of them are primarily in the paint spectrum. Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red are the spectrum’s primary colors. All the other colours are derivable from them to create designer wall paint. When you are at the store looking at colour strips, everything looks the same to you because you are only paying attention to the lightest colours. Look down and see the darkest colour of that strip. If it feels okay to you, explore other shades of this colour. 

Understand the wall painting colour combinations you prefer.

There are already some colours you are in love with and others you can’t stand. Before you explore your options, narrow down a few colours you do not like. This will make the process easier as now you know what you do not want. Next, follow the three-color rule for wall painting. Look around your house and find any three colours you like the most. It can be the colour of your phone colour, bed, or even the curtains. It simplifies the process, and you understand what you need. 

Trust your instincts.

Every colour connects you with emotion. For instance, blues, greens, as well as whites are soothing colours that you use in the washroom or the bedroom. On the other hand, red, orange, and yellow are dramatic and attention-grabbing colours. Decide what mood you wish to establish in every room, and then proceed. 

Every tint of the shade says something. Yellows can be inviting but sometimes irritating, purple and violet look luxurious but may be too dark for specific rooms and cooler colours can be in the bedroom. Analyze the colours to see what you think about each one of them.  Illusions With house painting colours, you can give certain illusions to the room. If a room is small, paint it white to make it look bigger. All the light colours give an illusion that the space is way more significant than it is. On the contrary, darker colours make the space look smaller. Furthermore, if you want to make a room cosy like the study area or the balcony, you should go for colours like celery, corals, peach and tints of green. Such wall colours do not attract too much attention. 

Contrast Colors

It is not necessary to paint all the walls in the room the same colour. Play and experiment with different colours. However, they should be according to the colour theme. For instance, you may have a wall that has a television, bookshelf or even pictures of your family. If you want to highlight this area, opt for a different colour than what you are using for the rest of the walls. Imagine that you are going for blue walls, you can get a green shade for the wall that you want to highlight. Choosing colours for room becomes easy when you keep an open mind about everything. 

Don’t forget the ceiling

Painting the ceiling white gives a breezy and fresh look. It also provides the illusion of a more extensive area with more height. Similar shades on the ceiling will not attract anyone’s gaze. Using wall painting colours like deep red, grey greens, and other neutrals makes the home more attractive. 

Since it gives a feeling of a secure home, it makes the place appear inviting. For example, paint the dining area ceiling red as this colour is known for increasing appetite. 

Quality of paint

Do not compromise on the quality of paint. See whether you want to go for a glossy or matte finish. Since painting the walls is not a tiny investment, ensure that you get the highest quality paints. Otherwise, it will start chipping off in no time. 

Final Words 

These are some painting ideas that you can try. Be patient and make a decision only when you are sure. The best thing that you can do for your in house painting is to reach Home Refix. This platform is made to cater all kinds of interior painting specific needs and much more. Additionally, you need not worry about budget, since the services of Home Refix are highly affordable.  Do not go for too much or too little paint. Follow the 60-30-10 rule when it comes to deciding this factor. Liven up your house by changing the colours of the walls. 

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