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Are you an NRI who is away from his property and has a tough time managing the same? Are you looking for reliable tenants who are as per your expectations? For all such requirements, you need a property management company in Bangalore and that is Home Refix.

We manage all aspects of property management:

You do not have to stress one bit as we can manage the tough task of property management easily. You can rely on the Home Refix property management company in Bangalore for all your requirements.

  • Property inspection and basic maintenance of the property
  • Home Refix helps the client in payment of utility bills of the property
  • Exclusive services like arranging painting or cleaning on client request
  • Finding the right tenant and ensuring that the client gets rent on time
  • Repair services and services like online agreement
  • Vacant property maintenance as well as end-to-end maintenance.

The process followed by our professional property management experts:

  • Through inspection of the site by our property management experts
  • The experts list down all the details that they have observed while screening the site.
  • Listing down the services that the client wants to choose from our range of property management services Bangalore.
  • The estimate is given to the client and once the client agrees the legal formalities for the same are completed.

What sets us apart from other property management services providers?

Today Home Refix is considered a reliable property management services Bangalore. This is because of the quality of services that we provide at truly competitive rates. Our experienced staff has complete knowledge about the formalities that have to be completed in property management. We provide complete support to our esteemed clients so that they do not have to worry about the mammoth task of managing their priced possession in Bangalore. For more details about our comprehensive property management services connect with us now.

Process we follow

Initial site visit

  • Our team performs the initial site visit to the property locations.
  • Prepare the site estimation report based on the conducted survey.
  • Go through the site requirement and changes if required.
  • Estimation is offered to the client after then complete initial process.

Screening the site

  •  Initial visit is done and we start fetching the tenant for you.
  • We start in search of getting the best client for your property or house based on your need.
  • We make things clear and keep you hazel free and intimating you with the events.

Initial site visit

  • We provide wide range of services with default and based on your need.
  • Include painting, cleaning, property maintenance.
  • Repair service, carpentering, interior and exterior work when required.
  • We work over the tenant need, tenant issues , house furnishing things.

Initial site visit

  • Once our commitment is finalized we create a detailed report and paper work with all legal procedures.
  • We deal with the tenant and perform all the agreement paper work with them and approach you without opstacles.
  • Any additional requirement can be included at any time period.

Services we offer

Right Tenant

Repair Services

On time rent

Vacant Maintenance

End to end Maintenance

Online Agreement

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