Carpet and Chair Cleaning

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Carpet Shampooing and Cleaning

At Home Refix, our dedicated team strives to provide you with a clean and hygienic place. However, regular cleaning and dusting of the house or office are not enough. Once in a while, deep cleaning is necessary to get rid of dirt, dust and toxins. Sometimes, the dirt particles are not visible to us, but the product is filthy and an invitation to illnesses. 

There are carpets all over your house and in the office as well. While some may be there for decorative purposes, others are for regular use. Especially if you have kids and pets in your house, you may know how difficult it gets to clean the carpets. There are always little pieces of food, hair and other particles. 

No matter how much you vacuum the carpet, it will still look messy and dirty. Carpet shampooing is necessary for deep cleaning purposes. It will make your home look shinier and healthier without ruining the essence of your carpet. Moreover, you may be busier than ever and even forget to clean the carpet, which is very unhealthy. Home Refix has your back, as our services will leave your carpet looking new and appealing.

Advanced Cleaning Methods

  • We opt for cutting-edge technologies to clean the carpet. We focus on every cleaning aspect with detailed steps, one at a time. Firstly, we use the pre-spray to break down the soiling. There are stubborn spots on the carpet that won’t go. With the help of this spray, the dirt breaks down into small particles. This advanced spray cleans the carpet better and washes the unreachable dirt spots. 
  • As a next step, we use equipment to extract dirt using certified soiling solutions. Note that all of our methods are approved by the necessary authorities. With these methods, there will be no harmful residue left over from the chemicals. Therefore, the carpet will be kid and pet-friendly. In this step, we focus on removing the allergens from the carpet. With the bed quality of methods and equipment, we deliver tremendous results.

Safeguard the carpet

We know how expensive the carpets are, and that is why our team of professionals handles them with utmost care. While carpet cleaning is necessary regularly, you can still extend its life and make it manageable till the next cleaning session. With our protection methods, the carpet has minimum to no static electricity. 

Also, with these protection methods, you can ensure that the dirt and spills are removable and the carpet is ready for everyday use. Preserve the effects of carpet cleaning for a longer time by safeguarding the rug.

Deodorizing the carpet

The smell of food or drinks spilt on the carpet often gets trapped in the fabric. Regular cleaning is not enough to get rid of this smell. In addition, if you have kids or pets who spend time on the carpet, a weird smell lingers around. This is where our carpet deodorizer does its magic and gives the carpet a pleasing smell. 

Moreover, we do not try to cover up the smell with a deodorizer as it eventually wears off. Firstly, we use techniques to extract the foul odour and then fill it with a neutral odour. A clean carpet can indeed change the feel of your house. Also, carpet shampooing is necessary for office cleaning, as it can elevate the appearance instantly.

Our Methods

We believe that every type of carpet requires different methods of cleaning, depending on its condition. Firstly, we assess the carpet and see the damage level. After inspecting it, we break down the cleaning process into various steps. No matter what the size of your carpet is or what type of fabric it is, we specialize in everything. Spot treatments, carpet protectors and deodorizers are some add-ons that will increase the life of the carpet.

Contact us to confirm your booking and opt for our services at affordable rates. We also take care of moving the furniture around the carpet before cleaning it and after washing it. So if you are looking for a hassle-free way of carpet cleaning, Home Refix is just the right choice for you.

Chair shampooing

We at HomeRefix want to make your home and office cleaner. Shinier and polished things look better and give a luxurious appearance to the space. You can increase your productivity exponentially by keeping it neat and clean if you are at your office. The same applies to your home or any other space where you spend significant time. 

Treat your home and office as a sacred place, and always pay attention to the cleanliness factor. Do you notice how good it feels when you enter a spotless and hygienic space? Do you feel the same when you enter your home or office? We understand how difficult it can get to spare time for cleaning, especially when most of you are busy bees. 

Even if you clean the house regularly, there are some things that you always miss, like the chairs. Moreover, we often think cleaning the chairs with a cloth is enough, but it is not. Since you spend hours chilling or working on the chairs, it contains dirt and dust that may not be visible to the naked eye. Home Refix is here for your chair shampooing needs to ensure you have a great home and office.

A professional team of cleaners

Home Refix provides a skilled, trained, professional team of cleaners. You can trust our team with your expensive chairs. You can expect incredible results with a dedicated squad working towards a common goal. Each of our cleaners has the necessary certifications, licence and identity proof. Before we send them to your house, you can cross-verify the details of the cleaners. With premium care and treatment, our professionals handle your stuff just fine. 

Specialization in chairs

We can clean them all, no matter what kind of chair it is. Whether you have a dining, office, or decorative chair set, we assure you that they will look as good as new. We also have expertise in handling a wide array of materials, which adds to the list of our benefits. The best thing is that we do not mess with the integrity of the product in the cleaning process. With the best equipment available, our devices are top-notch, and our techniques are unique. If you wish to revive the appearance of the chairs and make them look new, you should surely opt for this service. 

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Protect the chairs

After cleaning the chairs, it is still prone to getting dust and dirt. Often, these particles root deep inside the chairs’ fabric, making them look shabby and old. Chair cleaning every once in a while is the way to go, but you can prevent the fabric from daily dust. We offer chair protection materials that add a layer of protective polish. This will increase the longevity of the chairs, and they will look decent for an extended time. Safeguard your chairs and ensure that they do not get filthy. 

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that customers are our priority, and their feedback means everything to us. We go out of our way to make this experience smooth and promising for you. After serving several happy customers, it is safe to say that we are one of the best services in the industry. If there is one thing we can assure you, it has to be the quality of our service. Positive feedback motivates us to do better. We are here to maintain long-term relationships with our clients. 

Affordable prices

You can always count on Home Refix for economical rates and the best deals. We offer competitive prices and values that are fair for both our clients as well as our workers. Booking our service is easy and you can do it in a jiffy. Simply contact us through our response form, email id or phone number. We will get back to you as soon as possible and confirm your booking. 

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us, as our customer support is always there to resolve your doubts. Leave the rest to us, and our team will perfectly clean and shampoo your chairs.

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