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Your looking for House Painting & office Painting services

Our team understands that Home Painting or Office Painting is not an easy task. Because of that, we developed a system that allows us to get the job done with little disruption. In no time, we’ll be in and out, and your space will look completely different.

  • Professional Painters Near Me in Bangalore.
  • Professional Wall Designer’s in Bangalore.
  • Textures Designer’s in Bangalore & Karnataka

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Looking to paint your home?

Our skilled and Trained house Painting services personnel will ensure that your home is in the greatest possible condition for Home and Living. We have a simple procedure and are excellent communicators, and we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Home Refix-Where wall painting is an art

Gone are the days when painting the walls was the mundane concept of just applying any paint to the wall. These days when it comes to painting the walls of the home or commercial space it is all about creating a magnum opus that transforms the aura and looks of the space.

Give the creative streak to your walls with Home Refix

The people of Bangalore don’t just look out for Painters near me in BangaloreThey want to hire professionals who can create a renaissance of the walls and give them a majestic look. Now, this seemingly daunting task is simplified by hiring our skilled team. Give your home or commercial space a lively transformation by hiring our best painters in Bangalore. From giving impressive colors of different shades and hues to the walls to creating innovative patterns and designs our professional experts can do it all.

So, do you want to know the process that we follow?

When a client connects with our painting experts for our exclusive services, we send our professionals for a site visit. The requirements and the total space that has to be painted are taken into account and the estimate for the same is given to the client. Once the client approves the project is initiated. Upon completion of the project thorough cleaning is done by our contractors and s detailed quality check of all the walls that we painted is carried out. We provide painting services in Bangalore that add grandeur to your walls and give that style quotient to your classy home.

We are more than just ordinary painters!

We are not just any other painting contractors. We are creative professionals who have the caliber to convert ordinary walls into a piece of art. Many aspects set us apart from other Painters in Bangalore.

  • We have trained and creative professionals who are well versed with the latest trends in wall painting.
  • No compromises with the quality of paint and quality of work
  • Hassle-free experience and value for money.

The services that we provide include interior painting, exterior painting, and commercial painting. Get the best Painting services in Bangalore with a warranty only at Home Refix. Home Refix- transforming walls into masterpieces: You have to hire only the Painters near me in Bangalore to create magic on your walls. For this, you have to connect with our painting experts right away.

Why Choose Us ?

We will now focus on the major benefits our company offers to customers.

Quality Work

High Skill

Best Price


Paint your home safely and professionally with our services

Get in touch with us! You can get free estimate and immediate quotation by clicking here. After your confirmation, we will assign you a project manager and painters near you who will handle the entire project. Every end of the day, we keep WhatsApp updated on the work progress. Our payment terms are very transparent. All of our processes are geared towards making our customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Its very simple to choose your home colour our home refix experts and trained painters by Asian paints brings Colour pallets more den 1800+ shades and 500+ designs for your home with free consultation services thy guide you how to choose the best colour Best interior Designs .

Case1:   Yes if it is new home 3Cotes of putty is needed

Case2:  if it’s Re-painting only touch-up putty is needed to fill-up cracks, hols and damp’s putty.

It’s is big challenge to choose paint for home, Flats, Villas, individual house let’s fix the paint for your home. Our experts trained painters guide what type of paint to choose.

There are lot of verity’s of paints and Brands Like.. Asian pains, Nippon paints, Burger paints and JSW paints, out of it there are lot more quality of paints like Basic paint, premium paint, royals paints for interior painting and for exterior painting again Ace paint, Apex, Ultima paint choose the best paints by experts guided let’s make your home beautiful.

Yes your carpet will be as new as you brought it. We use organic chemicals to clean your carpets, its completely safe.

You know you need to clean your house or apartment regularly. Yet many people put it off or don’t bother cleaning at all. Next time you aren’t motivated to clean your home, remind yourself of all the benefits on why it’s important to regularly clean your home. Here are several to remember:

  1. It helps keep you organized
  2. Reduces stress
  3. It keeps you from collecting junk
  4. Reduces allergies
  5. Avoid spreading germs
  6. Keeps out pests

Our team will contact you to inquire about your interest in the position. A confirmation with the date, time and address of the client will be sent to you via Whatsapp or Email if you accept the job.

  1. Asian Paints | Nippon Paints | Burges Paints | JSW Paints
  2. Basic Paints | Rental Paints | Premium paints | Rolay paint
  3. Putty: Asian Putty | Birla Putty
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